Prize Draw Winner - December

Kerri French - 03 January 2018

Congratulations to Lalkhum S from Salford who won the prize draw of 25,000 BetterPoints for December.  

Laklhum wished to donate the 25,000 charity points to LifeCentre Salford

'If you want to do your bit for charity but have no time to volunteer, sponsored walks like BetterPoints are amazing means of raising donations. BetterPoints gives me the drive to walk as much as possible so that I can earn more points.

Whenever I walk, I track my activities on BetterPoints, and earn points and tickets which I can donate to my favourite charity. Walking is not only easy but it also provides so many health benefits. There is nothing not to love about walking with BetterPoints, all you need is a little walk to help your favourite charity.' - Lalkhum

How do you take part? 

Each month one user will win a fabulous £25 worth of points. Perfect if you're saving up for something special! 

You can earn a BetterTicket for every 30 minutes* of walking you do in Salford. The more walking you do, the more tickets you earn.

A prize draw will be held on the 17th of  each month and the lucky winner will receive 25,000 BetterPoints to treat themselves and also nominate their favourite charity in Salford so BetterPoints can donate the same amount to them.

Winners will be notified via email on the day of the draw and the prize will be added to their points total.

Good luck and happy walking!

The BetterPoints Team

*up to 7 times a week.